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Sergeant Richard Baker

Sergeant Baker trivia

• Sergeant Baker succeeded Sergeant Kinchloe as the radio and electronics expert for the final season of Hogan's Heroes.

• Baker played the upright bass in episode #167, "Look at the Pretty Snowflakes"  (1971)

[Kenneth Washington's first appearance in Hogan's Heroes came in episode #145, "Cuisine la Stalag 13"  (1970)]

Kenneth Washington
Kenneth Washington as
Sergeant Baker


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Kenneth Washington


Actor filmography

J. Edgar Hoover (1987) (TV) .... James Crawford

Our Family Business (1981) (TV)

"Police Story" (1973) TV Series .... Booking Officer

"Hogan's Heroes" (1965) TV Series .... Sgt. Richard Baker (1970-1971)

Changes (1969) .... Negro

Notable TV guest appearances

"Rockford Files, The" (1974) playing "guard" in episode: "Two Into 5:56 Won't Go" (episode # 2.10) 11/21/1975

"Star Trek" (1966) playing "Watkins" in episode: "That Which Survives" (episode # 3.14) 1/24/1969

"Adam 12" (1968) in episode: "Log 141" (episode # 1.2) 9/28/1968

"I Dream of Jeannie" (1965) playing "Man" in episode: "Girl Who Never Had a Birthday, The" (episode # 2.10) 11/14/1966