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Colonel Robert Hogan

Colonel Hogan trivia

• Colonel Robert E. Hogan commanded the 504th bomb squadron before he was recruited to lead an espionage and sabotage group operating against the enemy from behind their own lines.

• Colonel Hogan's hometown was Bridgeport, Connecticut. This was stated in several episodes including #85, "Axis Annie" (1968).

Bob Crane
Bob Crane as
Colonel Hogan

• In episode #166, "Hogan's Double Life" (1971), it was stated that Colonel Hogan was born in Ohio. He attended the aviation cadet school, graduated 3rd in his class.

• Hogan’s serial number is 0876707. (from episode #97, "To the Gestapo with Love" 1968)  Oddly enough, a Lieutenant. J.B. Miller, a new prisoner at Stalag 13 had the exact serial number. He was even a member of the 504th bomb squadron.  (from episode #160 "The Meister Spy" 1971).  Also having the same serial number was Captain John Mitchell. He was shot down and held at Stalag 13. (from episode #127 "The Big Gamble" 1969)

• In episode #97, "To the Gestapo with Love" (1968), Colonel Hogan said "if you’re ever in Cleveland, Ohio after the war, look me up."

• Colonel Hogan has a 6 year old motorcycle back home. (from episode #103 "Bad Day in Berlin" 1968)

• Hogan has a cousin in Milwaukee. (from episode #127 "The Big Gamble" 1969)

• Colonel Hogan was shot down over Hamburg, Germany.  General Biedenbender was responsible for Hogan being shot down.  (from episode #33, "Hogan Gives a Birthday Party" 1966)

• Colonel Hogan played the drums in episode #167, "Look at the Pretty Snowflakes"  (1971).
[Bob Crane was an accomplished drummer.]

• The "E" in Robert E. Hogan could possibly stand for Edward.  Since Bob Crane's full name was Robert Edward Crane.


 AMG All Movie Guide

Bob Crane
Birth  Jul 13, 1928 - Waterbury, CT
Death  1978
Occupation  Actor
Years Active  60s 70s
Countries  USA
Genres  Comedy, Drama
See Also 
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Biography[To Top]
American actor Bob Crane is best remembered for playing the crafty POW Col. Hogan on the 1960s television comedy Hogan's Heroes, but he also played leads in a few films during the '50s and '60s. Crane was born in Waterbury, Connecticut. He began his career as a drummer and played with dance bands and a symphony orchestra. He also worked as a radio announcer at various stations around the U.S. before hosting a morning talk show in Hollywood. Next Crane began appearing regularly on the Donna Reed Show. In 1978, he was mysteriously murdered, and the case remains unsolved. He was married to Sigrid Valdis, an actress. — Sandra Brennan
Most Frequently Worked With[To Top]
Production team: Vincent McEveety (Director), John Mansbridge (Art Director), Al Y. Roelofs (Art Director)
Actors: Dick Van Patten, Don Knotts, Johnny Unitas
Filmography[To Top]
  1977 Nancy Drew 3 [TV]  Actor T
2.5 Stars 1976 Gus, The Pigskin Uncle  Actor F
2.5 Stars 1976 Gus  Actor F
1.5 Stars 1973 Superdad  Actor [Starring] F
3 Stars 1972 The Delphi Bureau [TV]  Actor F
1.5 Stars 1967 The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz  Actor [Starring] F
4 Stars 1961 Man-Trap  Actor F
2.5 Stars 1961 Return to Peyton Place  Actor F
  1958 Game Show Program 3 [TV]  Actor T
* Film Types: F-Feature, D-Documentary, A-Animated, T-Television, P-Performance, S-Series, V-Video


Notable TV appearances

"Love Boat, The" (1977)

"Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, The" (1977) playing "Danny" in episode: "Haunting We Will Go, A" (episode # 1.8) 4/13/1977

"Quincy" (1976) playing "Dr. Jamison" in episode: "Has Anybody Here Seen Quincy?" (episode # 1.10) 1977

"Ellery Queen" (1976) playing "Jerry Crabtree" in episode:  "The Adventure of the Hard-Hearted Huckster"  3/21/1976

"Night Gallery" (1970) playing "Ellis" in episode: "House - with Ghost" (episode # 2.26) 11/17/1971

"Dick Van Dyke Show, The" (1961) playing "Harry Rogers" in episode: "Somebody Has to Play Cleopatra" (episode # 2.14) 1962

"Twilight Zone, The" (1959) playing "DJ" in episode: "Static" (episode # 2.20) 3/10/1961

Bob Crane from 1976's "Ellery Queen"
Bob Crane from his 1976 appearance in "Ellery Queen".