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Fräulein Helga

Fräulein Helga trivia

• Fräulein Helga was Colonel Kink’s secretary for the first season of Hogan’s Heroes. She returned to appear in two more episodes as a different character during the show’s run.

• Helga was a manicurist in the underground barbershop for prisoners. (from episode #1, "The Informer" (1965)

Cynthia Lynn
Cynthia Lynn as
Fräulein Helga

Cynthia Lynn also appeared in the following episodes of Hogan's Heroes
#104, "Will the Blue Baron Strike Again?"   (1968) as one of Honey  Hornberg’s Stuttgart Steppers.   
#159, "Easy Come, Easy Go"   (1971) as Eva. (her final appearance)

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Cynthia Lynn

Actress filmography

"Hogan's Heroes" (1965) TV Series .... Helga (1965-1966)

Bedtime Story (1964) .... Frieda

Notable TV guest appearances

"Mission: Impossible" (1966) playing "Lucille" in episode: "Double Dead" (episode # 6.20) 2/12/1972