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Corporal LeBeau trivia

• Corporal LeBeau wore a blue sweater instead of the normal red sweater he wore in episodes 2 and 4.

• LeBeau stated his partial serial number was 812497.  (from episode #12, "The Scientist"  1965)

Robert Clary
Robert Clary as
Corporal LeBeau

• In In episode #5, "The Flight of the Valkyrie" (1965), it was stated that LeBeau was "the chef."

• LeBeau stated he has a girlfriend in episode #25, "Psychic Kommandant" (1966).

• In episode #17, "Happy Birthday, Adolf" (1966), LeBeau stated he was married.

• LeBeau stated in episode #87, "LeBeau and the Little Old Lady" (1968), he was 5' 3" tall.

• LeBeau stated his serial number was 19176546.  (from episode #97, "To the Gestapo with Love"  1968)

• LeBeau had a cousin named Emil.  He was a big game hunter.   (from episode #91, "Monkey Business"  1968). 

• LeBeau's father had a paint store.   (from episode #100, "Color the Luftwaffe Red"  1968)

• LeBeau stated in episode #145, "Cuisine la Stalag 13"  (1970), that he was once strung up by his thumbs by the Gestapo.

• Corporal LeBeau played the piano in episode #167, "Look at the Pretty Snowflakes"  (1971).

It was stated in episode #14, "Oil for the Lamps of Hogan"  (1965) that Lebeau was claustrophobic.  

LeBeau was first called "that little cockroach" by Colonel Klink in episode #12 "The Scientist" (1965)

[Robert Clary did not appear in episode #9, "Go Light on the Heavy Water" (1965), instead, a P.O.W. named Scotty (portrayed by Eddie Firestone) had a couple of lines. "That's me" and "fire."]


The following information is provided by the


Robert Clary

Real name
Robert Widerman
Date of birth (location)
1 March 1926,
Paris, France

Actor filmography

"Bold and the Beautiful, The" (1987) TV Series .... Pierre Jourdan (1990-1992)
... aka "Glamour" (1987)
... aka "Top Models" (1987)

Remembrance of Love (1982) (TV)
... aka Holocaust Survivors... Remembrance of Love (1982) (TV)

Hindenburg, The (1975) .... Joe Spah

"Young and the Restless, The" (1973) TV Series .... Pierre Rolland

"Days of Our Lives" (1965) TV Series .... Robert LeClair (1972-1973, 1975-1980,
1981-1983, 1986)

"Hogan's Heroes" (1965) TV Series .... Corporal Louis LeBeau

New Kind of Love, A (1963) .... Frenchman at Restaurant

New Faces (1954)

Thief of Damascus (1952) .... Aladdin

Ten Tall Men (1951) .... Mossul

Robert Clary in "A New Kind of Love"  (1963)
Robert Clary and Paul Newman from the 1963 movie "A New Kind of Love".