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Sergeant Schultz'  Luftwaffe rank was Oberfeldwebel.

Sergeant Schultz wore the following decorations:*

* During the first season of Hogan's Heroes, Schultz wore an Iron Cross.  Version is unknown at this time.

Schultz was awarded the Iron Cross "4th grade" in episode #38, "The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz"  (1966).  The Iron Cross was only awarded in 1st and 2nd classes.  "4th grade" is fictitious.


Sergeant Schultz trivia

• Schultz owned the Schotsy Toy Company, which was the largest toy company in Germany before the war.

• In episode #21, "The Great Impersonation" (1966), it was stated that Schultz was over 6 feet tall and weighed over 300 pounds. His neck measured 19 inches, waist, hips and chest measured 52 inches.

John Banner
John Banner as
Sergeant Schultz

• Schultz served in the Ardennes during World War I. He saved the life of Lieutenant Kammler, who later became General Kammler.  (from episode #38, "The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz" 1966)

• Schultz was awarded the Iron Cross "4th grade" in episode #38, "The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz" (1966).
[The Iron Cross was only awarded in 1st and 2nd classes. "4th grade" is fictitious.]

• Schultz was at home with his wife during the Poland invasion [Sept. 1, 1939]  (from episode #38, "The Rise and Fall of Sergeant Schultz" 1966)

• Schultz had a nephew named Wolfie.  This was mentioned in at least 2 episodes.  (#86, "What Time Does the Balloon Go Up   (1968) and #118 "Happy Birthday, Dear Hogan"  (1969)

• In episode #19, "Hello, Zolle" (1966), Schultz stated his weight was 250 pounds.

• Schultz was married and had 5 children.  (from episode #33, "Hogan Gives a Birthday Party" 1966)

• Sgt. Schultz stated his serial number was 23789.  (from episode #31, "The Flame Grows Higher" 1966)

• In episode #125 "Bombsight"  (1969), Schultz stated his serial number was 34789.

• Schultz's wife Gretchen appeared in episode #56, "Killer Klink" (1967). 

• Schultz has been guard at Stalag 13 since it opened.   (from episode #93, "Clearance at the Black Market"  1968)

• It was stated in episode #11, "Happiness Is a Warm Sergeant" (1965) that it took 6 months for Schultz to "look the other way."

• Schultz revealed in episode #56, "Killer Klink"   (1967), that his home town was Heidelberg.

• Sgt. Schultz mentioned other members of his family in episode #56, "Killer Klink" (1967).  While greeting his wife, Gretchen, the following dialog occurs:

Schultz:    "How are the children?"     
Gretchen:  "Oh they are fine, they cannot wait to see you."
Schultz:    "How's Momma, how's Papa; how is Aunt Fritzy and
                Uncle Otto?"


• It was stated in episode #56, "Killer Klink" (1967) that Sgt. Schultz was in his 40's.

• Schultz said the following in episode #66, "Sergeant Schultz Meets Mati Hari"  (1967) "...whenever I came into the house, my mother hit me."

• Schultz stated in episode #145, "Cuisine la Stalag 13" (1970) that he had perfect eyesight.  However, in episode #97, "To the Gestapo with Love" (1968) Schultz puts on a pair of glasses to read the initials of a insignia button that fell from Carter during a mission.

In episode #153, "The Big Record" (1970), Schultz stated that he wore a size 13 sock.

Sergeant Schultz stated in episode #11, "Happiness is a Warm Sergeant" (1965), that he could not stand the sight of blood.

John Banner is buried in the same cemetery (Zentralfriedhof in Vienna, Austria)  as Ludwig Von Beethoven.

[John Banner had a duel-role in episode #54, "Heil Klink" (1967).  In addition to portraying Sgt. Hans Schultz, he appeared as Wolfgang Brauner, "the evil genius behind the Nazi money empire".]

[John Banner did not appear in episode #104, "Will the Blue Barron Strike Again?" (1968)

The following information is provided by the


John Banner

Date of birth (location)

28 January 1910,
Vienna, Austria

Date of death (details)

28 January 1973,
Vienna, Austria. (abdominal hemorrhage)

Actor filmography

"Chicago Teddy Bears, The" (1971) TV Series .... Uncle Latzi

Togetherness (1970) .... Hippy

Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz, The (1968) .... Weber

Star Spangled Salesman (1966)

"Hogan's Heroes" (1965) TV Series .... Sgt. Hans Schultz

36 Hours (1964) .... Ernst

Prize, The (1963) (uncredited) .... German correspondent

Yellow Canary (1963)

Interns, The (1962)

Operation Eichmann (1961) .... Rudolf Hess

20,000 Eyes (1961)

Story of Ruth, The (1960) .... King of Moab

Blue Angel, The (1959) .... Principal Harter

Wonderful Country, The (1959) .... Ben Sterner

Beast of Budapest, The (1958) .... Dr. Kovach

Young Lion, The (1958) .... Burgermeister

Never Say Goodbye (1956) .... Oskar

Crash of Moons (1956) (TV) .... Bavarro

Rains of Ranchipur, The (1955) (uncredited) .... Ranchid

"Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" (1954) TV Series

Executive Suite (1954) (uncredited) .... Andre (Maitre D')

Juggler, The (1953) .... Emile Halevy

John Banner from the 1958 movie "The Young Lion".

Callaway Went Thataway (1951) .... Headwaiter
... aka Star Said No, The (1951)

King Solomon's Mines (1950) (uncredited) .... Austin

Guilty of Treason (1949) .... Sandor Deste
... aka Treason (1949)

Argyle Secrets, The (1948) .... Winter

My Girl Tisa (1948) .... Otto

To the Victor (1948) .... Lestrac

Nocturne (1946) .... Eujemio

Rendezvous 24 (1946)

Tangier (1946) .... Ferris Wheel Operator

Fallen Sparrow, The (1943) .... Anton

This Land Is Mine (1943) .... German Sergeant

Immortal Sergeant (1943) (uncredited) .... Officer

Moon Is Down, The (1943) (uncredited) .... Lt. Prackle

They Came to Blow Up America (1943) .... Gestapo

Tonight We Raid Calais (1943) .... Kurz

Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942) .... Kleinoch

Seven Miles from Alcatraz (1942) .... Fritz Weinermann



Notable TV guest appearances

"Partridge Family, The" (1970) playing "Max Ledbetter" in episode: "Who Is Max Ledbetter and Why Is He Saying All Those Terrible Things?" (episode # 2.24) 3/17/1972

"Alias Smith and Jones" (1971) in episode: "Don't Get Mad, Get Even" (episode # 2.21) 2/17/1972

"Hogan's Heroes" (1965) playing "Wolfgang Brauner" in episode: "Heil Klink" (episode # 2.22) 2/10/1967

"Man from U.N.C.L.E., The" (1964) playing "Dr. Foster" in episode: "Neptune Affair, The" 12/8/1964

"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (1964) playing "Russian Chairman" in episode: "Hot Line" (episode # 1.9) 11/9/1964

"Rogues, The" (1964) in episode: "Personal Touch, The" (episode # 1.1) 9/13/1964

"Wide Country, The" (1962) in episode: "Quest for Jacob Blaufus, The" (episode # 1.23) 3/7/1963

"Perry Mason" (1957) playing "A. Tobler" in episode: "Case of the Nine Dolls, The" (episode # 4.9) 11/19/1960

"Cimarron City" (1958) in episode: "I, the People" (episode # 1.1) 10/11/1958

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955) in episode: "Safe Conduct" (episode # 1.21) 2/19/1956